Other functions

toString / toInt / toFloat

toString ( <Expr> )
toInt ( <Expr> )
toFloat ( <Expr> )

toString, as the name implies, converts its argument to a string. It can be applied to _Integer_s and _Float_s. It currently cannot be applied to _Boolean_s or any other types.

toInt and toFloat work similarly, and on the same three types only. toInt will truncate floats (the same behavior as casting in C.)

Note: We’re really sorry about the asymmetry of toInt being abbreviated, while none of the others are. That parser was feeling lonely again, and it has a gun.



will return the string "1".


will return the integer 1.


error ( <Expr> )

error takes a string argument, and returns any type necessary. It should be used to produce unexpected errors, as they immediately terminate the program when evaluated. Do not use this to report semantic errors in an AST; use it for internal compiler errors.


if null(something)
then error("unexpected empty list!")
else dosomething(head(something))