Group Members

We are:

  • Eric Van Wyk, Associate Professor
  • Lucas Kramer, Ph.D. student
  • Travis Carlson, Ph.D. student
  • Dawn Michaelson, Ph.D. student
  • Allie Hanson, Ph.D. student
  • Nathan Ringo, M.S. student
  • Ian Kariniemi, M.S. student
  • Louis Goessling, undergraduate student
  • Aaron Councilman, undergraduate student

Ph.D. graduates:

M.S. graduates:

  • Patrick Stephen, M.S.
  • Vince Alm, M.S.
  • Kevin Williams, M.S., 2014. Microsoft, X++ Programming Language group
  • Ming Zhou, M.S., November, 2013. Microsoft, Visual Studio group
  • Praveen Kambam Sugavanam, M.S., November, 2013. Amazon
  • Derek Bodin, M.S.
  • Paul Johnson, M.S.

Other alumni:

  • Charlie Hofer, undergraduate student
  • Kevin Viratyosin, undergraduate student

We share many interests with our colleagues in the department and thus work closely with them. These include: