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Getting started

First see the Silver Eclipse Plugin documentation.

Doing development on the Silver-Eclipse runtime or plugin

I use this script:



set -e

rm -rf eclipse workspaces
mkdir workspaces
cp -r eclipse-template eclipse


eclipse/eclipse -application org.eclipse.update.core.standaloneUpdate -command install -from "file:$SILVER_SITE" -featureId $SILVER_FEATURE_NAME -version $SILVER_FEATURE_VERSION


  1. Extract a fresh eclipse install. This creates a folder called eclipse.
  2. Start it, set the workspace to a workspaces directory right next to eclipse wherever we are, and set it to ALWAYS use this workspace.
  3. Close eclipse. mv eclipse eclipse-template

Then use this script. It nukes the workspace and any old eclipse install. Creates a new eclipse install by copying back eclipse-template, then it installs the plugin pointed to by SILVER_SITE and SILVER_FEATURE_NAME, then it starts the IDE.

You still have to new project, symlink and whatnot to actually test things out, but it automates some of the annoying steps.

This script also eliminates any worries about version numbers of the plugin, since it starts fresh each time. (I call the script start-fresh.)

Original process for building the plugin

This section is out of date.

Starting point: everything should be in order enough to run, for example ./deep-rebuild. Things should presumably be up to date, e.g. you’ve run ./update.

Next, run ./make-ide. This will do the following:

  1. Runs ./self-compile once. From scratch this is unnecessary, but this step helps with doing development on the Silver plugin for Eclipse, by first rebuilding the Silver compiler, so that any changes in how it generates plugins are reflected in the resulting build.
  2. Runs build.sh in runtime/imp. This: 1. Runs silver on core and ide and generates these java files inside the silver-eclipse runtime. 1. Builds that jar with maven. 1. Strips out core and ide class files from that jar. These should ultimately be provided by the real generated silver jar.
  3. Runs ./self-compile-ide which just builds silver:composed:idetest
  4. Runs mvn package in generated/ide/silver.composed.idetest.
  5. Reminds you of what path to use, when we later install this plugin to eclipse.