The Silver documentation is currently being migrated from its original wiki on is previous Google Code site, but most of it is in place and this is the best source for learning how to use Silver.

Below are some pointers to help you find your way through the documentation.

  • The installation guide and command line reference will get you started with Silver.

  • The tutorial (TODO) provides a gentle introduction to attribute grammars generally and Silver specifically. If you are familiar with the attribute grammar formalism you may want to just skim this.

  • The reference guide describes the different constructs in the Silver specification language:

    • expressions

    • statements (though we should not call these statements. We need another term)

    • declarations

  • The concepts section describes some feature and concepts in Silver that are not found in many other AG systems or are a bit esoteric.

  • The standard libraries in Silver include the core library that is automatically imported into every grammar and the silver:util and silver:langutil that need explicit imports.

    Documentation for these is automatically generated and can be found in the gen section.

  • A general FAQ and FAQ about errors as well as a style guide may also be of interest.

  • The academic papers about Silver and Copper, along with their BibTeX entries can be found on the Bibliography page.

  • Finally there is some information about developing Silver that is most likely of interest to those writing extensions to Silver of working on the core language.